Volunteer Opportunities

Engage in meaningful relationships by doing life together. Be a part of each others lives, fellowships, and be on mission together.

Community Volunteers

Here are some great positions we need that are accessible and give a good taste of doing ministry at Crossroads.


Snack Shack Operator

Arrive at 5:30pm to make 2-3 batches of popcorn, hotdogs, and set out other food

Sell snacks to students before and after program

Clean up and put away food after program is over


Help us send post cards to new students and to students that have been absent for a while! 

Door Greeters

Arrive early and welcome students, hand out materials for upcoming events, and help with attendance and registration


Use tablet to take attendance at the door

Direct new students to the registration desk

Tutor/ Mentor

Assist students with various homework assignments

Sign up for Crossroads organized tutoring times

Schedule times to meet with specific kids during the week

Maintenance Crew

Summer: Weedwack, cut grass, spray round-up, and pull weeds

Winter: Snow removal on sidewalks, and parking areas

Think Tank

Help us brainstorm new ideas for any of the following:

Games, events, special themed nights, songs, musical guests, speaking topics etc.

Bus Monitor

Build relationships and keep order during the weekly bus route

Back for More?

After getting a taste of ministry here at Crossroads, most people can’t get enough! Here are some volunteer roles that will let you go deeper and reach more kids.

Jump on Our Volunteer Ministry Team!

Attend weekly program and monthly volunteer staff training

Build up a Care Cell and contact students each week

Attend Lead Team Retreat in the fall

Registration Desk

Register new students and take a picture to save in the database

Hand out materials for upcoming events

Check out new bags of jerky and collect money

Game Room Operator

Monitor the use of the game room prior to and after program

Make sure games and equipment are put away after program

Snack Shack Coordinator

Take inventory and purchase/delegate purchase of needed stock

Organize a deep cleaning at the beginning and end of the program year

Use a calendar of the year’s programs and schedule snack shack operators

Cleaning Coordinator

Schedule volunteers to clean building

Assign jobs to individuals to do after each program night

Tasks include trash, vacuum, stage cleaning, sweeping, restroom cleaning etc.


Find creative ways to advertise for upcoming events

Schedule promotion events and operations

Care Cell Coordinator

Keep an up-to-date list of care cell leaders and their care cells

Make sure every regularly attending student is placed in a care cell

Office Assistant

Help staff with office related tasks e.g. mailers and newsletters

Got Skills?

Here are our specialized volunteer roles. These require dedication and larger time commitments. If you have skills, we’d love to put you in a prime position to positively impact kids.


Schedule 1 or 2 photographers for each program and event

Take pictures of students during the entire event

Post good pictures to Crossroads Farm’s Facebook page

Store pictures on the CRF server

Team Captains

Lead the student teams through all games

Choose participants for games

Responsible for recruiting people to help with team identity items (e.g. banner, flag)

Discipleship Team

Give Weekly Talks

Write devotional thoughts to go with talk topics

Help lead the monthly training

Games Captain

Lead games at weekly program

Choose games for each evening and coordinate with staff for supplies

Recruit student or volunteer helpers

Music Team Member

Attend worship practices

Learn new songs when they are chosen

Fulfill your role during the program nights for which you are scheduled

Be dependable and proactive with scheduling conflicts

Audio/Visual/Tech Team Member

Learn how to operate the computer and/or soundboard. (We Will Teach You!)

Fulfill Tech Role during the program nights for which you are scheduled.

Be dependable and proactive with scheduling conflicts.

Help record and edit video promotional material as aided by communications team

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