Your Influence Matters

October 21, 2011

We live in a world that is completely connected. We know things that we never imagined. Expertise is only a google-click away. I have intimate knowledge of celebrities’ lives. I am instantly informed about my children’s grades, my credit report and world need.

This socially networked world has created a bit of a crisis. We are overwhelmed by causes. For most of us, we simply do not know where to start. Many of us, in our young lives desired to make a difference. Now we cannot help but feel a tad, well, helpless.

As a ministry, we have a crisis of conscience. You see, what calls us into these ministries is the voice of God to do something. What keeps us here is, frankly, others hearing God’s voice to help us do something.

There is something that I want to ask you to do for us… these students, actually. I was wondering if you could connect with us, engage in a conversation with rural America through Crossroads Farm. It is something that we all do at a daily level.
Introduce us to your friends.

Take a few minutes each week to simply visit our website, check out our Facebook page or follow us on twitter. While there, read a little bit about what God is doing here in the country. Then, after we’ve caught up a bit, pray for the students and staff here.

Finally, you can comment, share, like, follow or friend us. These things matter. We just need a handshake. God can do the rest.

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