"Your Failures as a Son"

December 27, 2011

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Gladiator. In a frightening scene between Marcus Aurilius and his son Comodus, The emperor confesses in a moment of candor, after his son admits his weaknesses as if they are his strengths, that Comodus's failures as a son were Aurelius's failures as a father.

There is a tremendous truth in that statement.

It is not a complete truth. It is more a truism; One that the Bible points out when it states that the sins of the father are visited on their children. I understand that more and more as I raise my own family. I see it in my children. My failures become... hopefully to a lesser degree, theirs. This is grace.

I have a strong desire in the next years to begin to offer a parents discussion forum here at the farm. This is not a seminar, but rather an opportunity for parents to assist each other raise their own standards. I truly believe that our children become reflections of  who we are. As we pursue Christ they will also. As we work, so do they. As we continue to attempt growth so will they. 

It keeps a fire burning under my lethargy.

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