You Wouldn't Want These People At Your Church

June 12, 2011

I have quite a few Facebook friends. For the most part, they are real friends that I have connected with through either speaking somewhere or shared life. I truly love my people.

Each day, in our virtual community coffee house, (Dawn and I prefer and serve fresh-ground Dunkin’ Donuts) we start conversations about whatever is on our minds. These dialogues can cover everything from politics, to music, and most often, like discussions in our living room, become humorous.

They are a meaningful part of our day. Some friends sit quietly at tables close-by without saying a word, while others can steal the day. It really doesn’t matter what type of friend you would be. Everyone is welcome to pull up a couch and ruminate with us over a morning cup of Joe.

On most mornings between the two of us, and most people know that my wife and I sit side by side with our Macs open, we will engage 100 to 200 friends relationally. Until I open up on a specific topic.

If I ask what the groups’ favorite “Coming of Age” flick, I’ll get tons of responses. If Dawn asks about a warm romantic memory… slammed. When we ask about church the gentle chirp of crickets can be heard.

It makes me wonder, “Why?”

It seems to me that only a few people are genuinely engaged or (far fewer) energized by the places they worship. It leads me to this heartfelt question. “Do you really want other people to come to your place of worship, or are you afraid that it will injure your church, or possibly them?”

There is a verse where David said it was better to spend just one day in the courts of God, than three years somewhere else. The thing is that I just have not met very many people who really believe that.

Let me know if I’m wrong. Respond and make a quick comment that will start the conversation about church re-igniting in your passion center.

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