What Makes Me Care?

April 11, 2011

Okay. I admit it. I have turned the channel when I see a commercial for starving children. That’s a hard thing to admit. In fairness though, I have to say that I switch the channels for almost every commercial. Even if I spent the time to watch the appeal to feed this hungry child, I don’t really have the money to make another long term commitment. It is really only watching from the perspective of morbid curiosity that I would endure their video hardship.

Now, if I was there, I know that I would be compassionately moved to do something. But, I’m not.

I am no more emotionally connected to the share-a-thons for Christian radio. I listen to some of them, but have seldom felt like they would cease to exist without my paltry pledge. I am not motivated by the hourly goals or by the desperate stories of life without Christian broadcasting. I have never tried to save PBS, the baby harp seals or the trees because of a well crafted infomercial.

The funny thing is that this ministry operates because of people who have given monthly pledges and gifts from people who have felt the need here in rural America. It makes me wonder. What causes us to care?

What causes us to pray for the sick. What causes me to get out a checkbook, or to give up a weekend, or to read a newsletter, or to even want to see what is going on in a needy community?

My answer is that I don’t know. I only know when I am moved to do one of these things. I suppose that makes me selfish. Or, at some level ambivalent… perhaps apathetic. I know that when I am communicating to students, the only way I can ever move them to see need is when they stop seeing themselves first.

That is my essential problem. I see me as the center. I need to see Christ as the center. That is my prayer today.

Lord God, allow me to do exactly what you want me to do. First of all Lord, break my heart. Make me care.

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