What God Really Cares About

October 05, 2016

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is not my favorite story. If you saw the Disney version I need to tell you that Walt’s version is not close to the original. The story ends with Quasimodo dying in the catacombs of Paris with his arms wrapped around his dead love, Esmeralda. It was creepy. It was also a waste. No amount of sacrificial love was bringing the hunchback's girlfriend back. 

That started a weird tangential thought. I know what Jesus died for. I also realize that most people don’t really understand why he died. They think that God cares about getting stuff done. Stuff like making sinners repent, keeping Hell hot enough, making sure that the pearly gates are all shined up, and answering prayers for the people he likes. Most people think that God really cares about getting stuff done. 

They’re wrong.God cares about you.He created you. He wants to have a great friendship with you and everything he has done since the beginning of time was about letting you understand that you are the thing that he cares the most for. Wow. 

That is what he wanted them to know when he created the beauty of earth. They are his love. When he offered man a system of law in order to keep them healthy and at peace, it was to demonstrate that he was worth order. When he washed evil off the planet, when he sent messengers called prophets, and when he ultimately sent Jesus to die for them, he was telling the story of how much he loved you and how beautiful the story could be with you living with him. It is the opposite of the Hunchback. When Jesus died embracing you he came back to life with you.

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