Top Ten Things For Parents To Do After They Send Their Kids To Camp!

July 05, 2011

With CRF taking so many kids away to Hiawatha next week, we figured that parents may need a list of things to do. Here it is. Empty Nest responsibly.

10. Raid their room to get your phone, computer and cologne back.
9. Get in the car to go somewhere and say to each other, "What did we forget?" Then laugh hysterically.
8. Reset your cars radio stations.
7. Enjoy the hot water.
6. Change the locks.
5. Go on a date and stay out late, make out and relish that no one said, "EEEwwwww. Grrooosssss!"
4. Go out to eat and ask to see the bill before the meal. With all of those extra mouths gone, it'll put you in a good mood.
3. Start making arrangements for the next camp to take them next week!
2. Hide their stuff and see how long it takes before they notice that it's missing.
1. Five words... Do Anything You Doggone Want!

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