Tebowing... More Than Just A Fad

December 15, 2011

It's really just a thought. Tim Tebow continues to give God, and his saviour, Jesus Christ, all the credit for his strength. He showers praise on his teamates with a self-depracating humility that is not only rare, it is downright refreshing. He prays publically. You will be hard pressed to find someone that derides his character, work ethic, his competitive drive or his kindness. Those are all nice. But he and his team, the Denver Broncos have moved into first place. They are winning.

Just like we suppose it should work. I have not had a single conversation where someone has let me know that what they desire is for the bad guy to win. Nobody wants O.J. Simpson back as a spokesperson. Nobody wants to see the bad people prosper. They also have let me know that this Tebow thing makes them a little nervous. After all, if God really is bringing the wins to Denver because of one righteous man (and that sure seems to have a biblical ring to it) and if my life does not reflect that same level of blessing, then I must not be a righteous person.

Let's not take this too far. It is, after all, just American football. There were righteous people who were afflicted with poverty, illness and failure. What I do believe is this... That every time Tim Tebow takes the field, he is praying, "So that all of America knows that you are the one true God.

I am a Detroit Lions fan. Could any team feel more "anti-Tebow" right now? I am still praying for Denver to roll right through the Super Bowl. We haven't had many miracles around here lately. That is a cause I could get behind. I want high school football stars to immitate Tim as he immitates Christ. 

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