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January 03, 2012

It is seventeen degrees outside. Accuweather has just informed me that the “Realfeel” is four degrees. I wonder if there is any relevance to the actual temperature if my perceived temperature is thirteen degrees colder than that. I mean, seriously, if it is feeling like four, and who determines what it feels like, then why do I need to know actual temperatures.

More importantly, this is the day that I am supposed to buckle down and resume my holiday-slackened workout regime. It feels like it’s four degrees outside. Short of training for the Iditarod or an assent up Everest, I can think of virtually no value in working out in that type of weather.

Four degrees makes me want to hunker down, beneath six progressively thicker layers of bed coverings and sleep through the entire winter. I desire to eat a massive breakfast. I want to remain sedentary.

There is a rule at work in my life. The things I want to do, I don’t want to do that badly. That includes everything difficult.

I would rather coast spiritually, assuming that I am on the best path to spiritual maturity, accidentally. I want to get ripped physically as long as I don’t have to pass up on the Krispy Kremes. I want to finish a book without setting aside the time needed to do the research. I want to be a bigger, better, more mature version of the 2011 Doug, without work. That could happen, right?

I’m going to have to buy a Nordictrack.

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