Let the Year Begin!

September 21, 2009

So, there I was, dressed in a wig and a pink flu-flu, waiting in the barn to be announced as this years’ First Crossroads Announcement Award. I thought, “We’re back!”

Student ministry is fairly demanding but the rewards are outstanding. So are the heartbreaks. I was excited about the 50 kids that were there for the hot dogs, lazer tag, and each other. The bonfire was roaring, the volunteers were amazing and the student leaders were eager to jump into their roles. In spite of all of this, my heart always breaks for the kids we will have already lost. Kids who have made their decisions to choose their own path always are hard for me. Mainly because I was one of them myself. I know that the road back will take years.

I desire strong churches that not only have a vision for youth but a plan to attract and disciple them. I know that in the morning as church services rolled, there were thousands of teens who determined that church is an option, if not completely irrelevant.

On Tuesday night we will do it all again. I anticipate that this will be the year that our middle school numbers will overrun our high school attendance. It’s a good competition.

All of this to simply say, “Each fall we have to win kids back.”

I am wondering if you will remember us each Sunday and Tuesday nights in prayer as we fight the battle of rural kids? You may want to lift up my wardrobe designer as well.

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Grace Elizabeth WebsterSep. 21 2009, 4:11pm

I am a college kid now far from home and missing my most beloved. I was thinking of home and family yesterday in my dorm and I could not help thinking about my CRF family too. I know that everything is just starting off and the craziness of another year with CRF has not fully set in yet but when it does I want all of the Staff, Leaderteamers, Office Workers, Volunteers, and Finacial Supporters to just remember all of your hard work is worth it. How do I konw this? Because I was one of those kids…and will forever remember the impact God had on my life. God proved himself real so many times to me through and because of CRF. I just wanted to give you all a little peice of my love from me to all of you. When the year goes on and many of you feel like breaking rememeber that I love you and am always prayering for you. But most importantly remember that God will be glorified in your actions and that there is always a pay off. Maybe not today, maybe not a year from now, maybe not in even ten years from now but there is a pay off. And beleive you me God is “good for it”. I love you!

doug routledgeSep. 22 2009, 12:20pm

Grace, We really miss you too! You are a standard that we can hold our other kids to. Rock for him at school! Love ya lots. Doug


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