It Moves Me To...

June 14, 2011

What have you felt about the floods in the Missouri River Valley?

I asked a question to my Facebook community a few days ago. I asked my friends what moved them. I believed that I would hear stories of particular songs, causes or people. There were a few responses but for the most part there was silence.

I suppose that I asked the wrong question. I believe that the correct question would be one of action. When something moves you, what does it move you to?

In a time when so many causes are positioning for your attention, it becomes easy to be overwhelmed by a mass of need. If you are anything like me critical need numbs me. I feel compelled to turn away.

Here is a three step approach to knowing when God is asking you to move.

  1. When confronted with a need, pray specifically about your role in helping.
  2. Seriously consider if you are expecting someone else to respond to a need. If so, then you may be ignoring God’s guidance.
  3. Make sure that you are listening for the still small voice that God uses to move us.

Please make a comment, tweet or Like this. It is a small thing to make a big difference.

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