I Want To Be A Star!

September 27, 2016

"children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation." Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky. Philippians 2:15

So my question for the week is this, “What does a shining star look like in my world?”

Let’s talk about your world first.

High School and Junior High are brutal at times. There are these incredible “Bright” moments, like when you get an unexpected “A” on a test or a note from someone you really like. Then there are the really dark times. There are days when your best friend betrays you or you have an incredibly embarrassing moment. The darkest moments in a student’s life are lonely, depressing and awful. You might feel as if you can’t tell someone about what is going on. Maybe you did and they mocked you. School can be a really dark place for all of us, but just imagine what it is for outcasts. It is the darkest possible prison of isolation and rejection.

You are the light. The way that looks is like this.

1. Sometimes stars shine simply because they Do what they are supposed to do.

Think about it. At school, people stick out for doing simple things, like homework, saying “Please” and “Thank You,” and clean up a mess they helped to make. Each day, start keeping a list of the things you need to do and then finish them on that day.

2. Stars don’t really shine unless someone sees it.

Deliberately pick one kid each day that could use some light and compliment them or say something really positive to them. Make this a habit. Watch how the environment around you changes.

3. Shining brightly means being different

Your world is sarcastic hostile and mean. Be the opposite of that. Look for the positive thing about the people around you.

4. Be bold enough to tell people why you shine (The source of your light.)

At the end of Crossroads we asked you if you had enough light to change your school. The answer is that Jesus, living through you does.

The Bible says that when we give Jesus credit in front of our friends, He gives credit to us to God the Father. Shine your light back on Jesus Christ.

That is where our focus should be anyway

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