"Good Enough" Never Is.

January 14, 2011

It’s a well known fact. The phrase “good enough”, probably means the opposite. Let’s think about that for a minute.

If I ask you how the food was at lunch, and you tell me it was, “Good enough”, I have a pretty fair idea that you ate at Old Country Buffet. It’s not bad… if you are really hungry… don’t mind sitting across the table from a family of 87… and think that the function of food is to fill your stomach to excess.

If we are talking about a movie, and you let me know that it was, “Good enough”, I know that you went there with almost no expectation of being moved, thrilled or scared.

If I ask you how you grades are (were) and you answer by letting me know that they are (were) “good enough,” you have informed me that no progress reports or office visits would be required, but you also have told me that Harvard is not in the future.

When I talk to a student about their boyfriend/girlfriend, or a friend about their spouse, and I get a “Good enough,” response to the question, “What do you think about your significant other?”, I stop planning for the wedding and start stocking up on their favorite ice cream.

Look, “Good enough”, is a generations’ claim to mediocrity. It may be this generation of youths’ legacy. I wonder when we became so cynical that we stopped desiring to change the world around us. I want more than that for myself. I demand more than that from CRF staff. I want more than that from our volunteers. I have to work towards more for my marriage, job, family and my experience with my God. If I ever tell you that my relationship with Christ is “Good enough,” then I don’t know him very well. He is the Christ of the resurrection, and if anything says, “I am not done yet!” it is getting out of your coffin and finishing up.

Every student that walks this county needs to hear about that Jesus. Every marriage that I encounter needs to know about the God who wouldn’t quit until the world was saved. Every employee needs to know about the Jesus who tore pieces of fish and bread off until 5000 people were not looking for an Old Country Buffet on the way home. If you are asking me what is wrong with our political system, I will tell you that too many who sit in power believe that they are doing “Good enough”. If you ask me why churches are failing and closing, it is because they have served the God of “Good enough” too long.

Give me the God of eternal optimism. Give me the God of anti-death energy. Give me the God of unmerited and unconditional love. I need the God of boundless mercy.

I want to give and receive things that blow me away. If our society, Heck, if Christians alone embraced the God of never giving up, This ministry along with every other one in the world would thrive at making a difference. The donations would be higher, the workers would be more and more energetic, and the teen pregnancy rates, teen alcoholism rates, sexual abuse rates, suicide, divorce and drug abuse arrest rates would drop.

Good enough never is. Jesus said, ” I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

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