Getting Traction in the Corn...

June 09, 2011


Just spent an incredible few days with the folk at Premier Companies learning who to get the story of rural students out to a generous world. The truth is that we have such an unbelievable story to tell and live in a day that allows us to tell it around the globe instantly! God intends for us to use his free swinging doors for his kingdom.

For a couple of hours, we were able to hear the vision of ministry through the tool of social media from Toni Birdsong ( and caught a compelling argument for movement through media.

The last few hours were spent talking with David Kiern, discussing how he can help us tell our unique story of Christ in the country. Stay tuned. These are exciting days to be a part of the open doors into rural America.

Consider taking a small part in changing the face of rural kids. You may want to help fund the film project or pray for our social injection. How about simply liking this on Facebook or re-tweeting this post!

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