Feeding The Bull

January 31, 2011

I have calf-feeding duties. Our one week old bull calf, Eugene loves his bottle. He drinks a gallon of Jersey fat rich milk a day; actually in two feedings that last ten minutes. When he senses the stream slowing he head butts the bottle. It’s a baby’s way of saying, “More Please?!”

He loves me because I bring the milk. He has been separated from his mother for four days now and I believe that as long as the milk comes from me, he will come to me. If I stop bringing the milk, then I suppose the romance is gone. I don’t really have any illusions about our relationship. He really just loves his mother and desperately needs the milk. I just bring it to him. On most days, I believe that he would drink as long as there was milk.

His mother produces about four gallons a day, every day. I don’t know that he could drink that much, but I bet he would try. I also know, that as long as he is on his mother’s milk he will be healthy and growing.

Our churches are not, for the most part, both healthy and growing, and I hear the rumbling in the stomachs of the children of God.

Before I roll too far down this line I want to make a position extremely clear. I am not a “Baby-out-with-the-bathwater” guy. I am not a trend jumper. I, honestly never prayed “The Prayer Of Jabez”. I didn’t launch an emergent church plant, and I have always cringed when I heard the words “seeker sensitive”, “win-win” and “missional”. I am more of a plodder, which is pretty rare in youth ministry circles.

Balance has always been my strategy. Discipleship or growth, evangelism or outreach, leadership development, together, are incredible. It is when we focus on one, without the others. What I desire is to be like Jesus. What I most often try to do is make Jesus like me.

I only know this one thing, whenever something rings true, it always means more work… for me, for you, and for the body as a whole.

I asked the question on my Facebook page today, “If church was just three hours of digging through God’s Word with a little prayer, would you go?”

The responses have been generally positive. Here is a better question. If your spiritual health depended on you removing something, other than church, which amounted to three hours, would you add the one and subtract the other?

Food for hungry little calves.

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Lori HudgensJan. 31 2011, 3:34pm

Man I miss you coming to Northpointe. This is a great discussion. And I totally could have used you at our life group last night. We are talking about fasting and a couple of people are really digging in their heels. It bothers me because I want to do whatever it takes for that spiritual growth….o.k., not really whatever it takes, sometimes I take the easy road. But I am finding that the hard road produces more growth and more of God in me. And I know these people really want to draw closer to God but don’t want to do it the way the Bible says. I am really feeling like there is this whole “God bring me the gallon of milk today” instead of “God, show me where to go get the gallon of milk today” mentality. I pray I never stop growing and seeking, and the intercessor prayer group I go to is praying that we have that three hour Bible teaching on Sunday.


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