May 19, 2015

We have these moments of ministerial clarity. They generally follow weeks, months and years of stupidity.

Mine came this morning in jail.

I wonder how many times that has happened?

Now just for the record, and more to the point of assuring those who have always thought this might happen to me, I was visiting someone there. The visit itself was not the catalizing agent. It was the drive from the jail to another touch-base with a staff member.  My usual course from one appointment to the next is to try and get into my office and spend some time planning, studying or doing other important stuff. Stuff, I might add that will never get done, or be missed. It is stuff that seems a bit more professional though.

What I did, instead, is to stop by another staff members place of employment just to say, “HI.” Actually, I was responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. If this seems like a rambling commentary from the author of the children’s book, “If  You Give A Moose A Muffin…” well, I’m not that person. It is my mind, however. Hence, there is comfort and productivity of a solitary office. I can’t be annoyed, interrupted and distracted by the voice of the living God.

My epiphany is that when God’s voice is contrary to my plans for the day, I must not be walking very closely to him. It happened, on my way from one place to another; from one person to another. It should not surprise me. This is what God cares about. If God needs for me to have more time in the office, he can stop the sun again. In the meantime I am hearing his voice remind me of this truth.

God is more concerned with who I am in him, than what I do for him.  I am the product of his grace, love and mercy. The cross was not a task for Christ as much as it was his relationship to me.

That is what this morning has been about. Relationships. You see, I cannot predict impact. I can only predict schedule. The rub has come from my belief that I am supposed to predict anything. Today, I am going to engage people. In that way, I am the mouth, hands and feet of Christ. Hmm?

I need to go to meet another friend. After that, I think I will pick up a student who is living in a bad situation. Gotta go. I’m hearing something.

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Dennis GinnardAug. 27 2016, 12:27pm

I hear you out here, Doug, and understand your message. I think I am really going to enjoy meeting you at today’s Binder Twine event at the CRF. Dennis 08272016 (ps. I will be travelling with Bert and Nancy)


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