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January 04, 2012

“It is only when men begin to worship that they begin to grow.”
Calvin Coolidge

I am not really much of a hand-raiser. I think that takes a special kind of spiritual confidence. It says, “Don’t look at me. I am in the presence of God right now, and if you could see Him the way I can, you’d be raising holy hands too.” But everyone looks.
The new hottest designer degree at Christian colleges around the country is that of worship. Our passionate desire is to pursue God and his presence. We want to experience the sense that he is active today in our lives. For many of us, we ask that he engage us emotionally. I have heard more than a few kids claim to have experienced God because they cried.

I guess that I define “worship” a bit differently than most; my being moved by the presence of God. I took my cue from Isaiah. In Chapter six of his book to Judah and Jerusalem, Isaiah is confronted with God and frankly, he pees himself in awe.
He has spent the last five chapters explaining what will happen when everyone else sees God. It’s big stuff. Judgment is coming and no one is going to escape. Five chapters of condemnation for the world.
Isaiah comes face to face with God in the sixth chapter. His response is this. “I’m doomed! I have seen God!”
That is reverence.

His next response is to tell God that he is not worthy. Forget for a minute that this servant of God has made a pretty good career of proclaiming God’s vindication against sinners. Once he is in God’s presence he realizes how great the grace of God is.
Finally, he asks that God use him in any way God sees fit. His response, his movement is to give himself completely to the mission of glorifying God. Isaiah has worshipped and the result is that he has been changed.

I have been at many church services that claim to have excellent worship, but at the close of the service we are all still the same. I recall a few moments in my life where I was confronted with the awesomeness of God. In each, I was moved, changed and purified.

We were at the Creation Festival in Pennsylvania with about 100 students. On the second to last night of the festival I, along with 60,000 other believers, was listening to Michael W. Smith’s band play a worship set. Before long, it was as if all of them ceased existing. God had invaded my spirit and I was alone before a Holy God.
From that point on, the rest of the night was God’s. He spoke to me. I argued with him. He challenged and loved and reassured me. In the end, I gave God all that I was, and all that I owned.

Worship moves us.

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