Am I really made in the image of God?

September 23, 2016

Am I really made in the image of God?
Am I really what he had in mind?
What does God look like?
What am I supposed to look like?
What if I decide I want a different image?
Don’t I have the right to pick my own life?
Do I have to be like God to be happy?

These are a few of the questions that I had when I started to think about being made in God’s image. I am pretty sure that I have a handle on some of it, but there is one question that I haven’t quite figured out yet. It is this one.

“Why did God want us to look like him?” Is it that he lacks creativity, looked in the mirror and thought, “Well, I guess I can make some mini-mees.” I kinda doubt that.
I think it has to do with who God is. The creator God…

It is easy to think that our parents, teachers, bosses and even our God, want us to do something for them, when actually, they are asking us to do something for themselves. Your parent may ask for you to keep your room clean because they want for you to learn to be organized. A teacher asks for you to do your homework because they want for you to be disciplined, get good grades, go to college and have a fulfilled life. A boss may ask for you to work overtime and fill in the reports because they are looking to promote you.

These things are designed for our good but feel like they impose on my life.

God created you as a masterpiece. We’ll talk more on that on October 9th, but for now, what I want you to know is that God understands what makes you fulfilled, joyful and shine. He knows that because he made you a certain way. It’s hard to see in yourself what God already sees in you.

The rules that God has set up for us are designed to keep us living in the flow of his plan. I think of the things that God says are best for us as if they are signs in our lives. Some of them are DANGER signs. Some of them are ATTRACTION signs, and some of them are mile markers. God’s plan can work like this.

He warns us about sleeping around. The small print is like a drug commercial ending. You know. Where the drug company warns you that taking this drug may have side effects.

“Snoria can help 3 out of 1000 patients experience a good nights rest. Always consult your physician to see if Snoria is right for you. In some cases, patients have complained about nausea, diahrea, hives, excessive acne outbreaks, loss of taste sight and hearing. Less than 20 percent may experience slight cases of leprosy. If a part of your body falls off while taking Snoria discontinue use immediately and call your physician. Other side effects include ebola, stupid children, decreased desire for life, bad SAT scores, and global warming. Snoria… for the person who is willing to risk everything for a good night’s rest.”

The second sign is an attraction sign: Healthy Incredible Marriage… Followed by a mile marker: 3 Boyfriends away.

If you had this information ahead of time, you most likely would not make the same mistakes. This is why knowing what God has written about your life in the Bible is so important. Take a few minutes to ask God to begin to reveal what you look like if you live in God’s Image.

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