• Jerry

    I am in love with my beautiful wife Andrea. My desire is to provide an atmosphere where students can hear from God. I used to teach math and physics, but now am a full-time missionary here at Crossroads Farm. My cubicle mate Paul is probably the funniest person I know….

  • Rich

    I have been married to my beautiful wife since April 2012. I enjoy woodworking, photography, graphic design, and a good book. I am currently the Office Manager and Visual Communications Assoc. here at Crossroads Farm.

  • Doug and Dawn Routledge

    Doug has been speaking to others about his passion for over two decades. He loves his life and calling. Doug is passionate about training and developing the next generation of spiritual leaders. His unique place of ministry, the rural communities of the United States, has positioned him to lead and mold men and women who would serve God, even if it means obscurity and loneliness.

    Doug and his wife, Dawn, launched Crossroads Farm, a rural youth ministry training and sending missions organization, a little over eleven years ago in response to their own prayers that God would send someone to the country communities of the U.S. and Canada. Now, they have trained and placed many rural youth workers and volunteers through their Rural Church Initiative program. They have ministered to thousands of rural students and have seen hundreds come to grasp Jesus as friend and Lord.

    Doug speaks hundreds of times a year across the country at conferences, college campuses, churches and camps. He is best known for his ability to win his audience with his wit and hilarious stories and then his commitment to turning the spiritual corner into deep and profound life-changing truth in God’s word. Doug believes two primary things that make him a little… well, different. He believes that “dumb people do not know they are dumb” and they will continue to live foolish lives unless God rescues them from the stupid places.

    He also believes that God’s greatest truths are written in the margins of our lives. It is what he calls the theology of “As they were going along”. These two truths have allowed him to read and teach scripture from a different perspective that most. His audiences have found themselves laughing without restraint as he uses his own “real-life” experiences as a classroom on what you should avoid doing. They also find themselves entranced by the Word of God and its central characters as Doug walks his listeners through their lives.

    Doug is currently in the process of publishing a four-year training curriculum for training volunteer youth workers called “The ARMS of The Servant Leader” and a book titled “Magpies and Lemmings, The Search For The Inspired Experience In A World Of Copy Cats And Tin Foil”.

    He, and his beautiful, life-love Dawn, have three gorgeous children, all girls. They live on a 105-acre farm with horses, goats, chickens and a cow named Jenny. He is a sportsman, musician, artist and athlete. Doug is also a trivia nerd, likely to quiz you on the Three Stooges. He thinks that a fireplace is a non-negotiable in a house, and is a decided coffee snob. He will not throw away t-shirts or jeans. He believes that Gladiator is one of the greatest films ever, reads absolutely everything, and lives for challenge.

    The most important thing to know about Doug is that he is both a lover and a fighter. He is a leader, an entrepreneur in ministry, and finds real people funny. Hope you will get a chance to meet him.

Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

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